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5593Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Any relevance here?

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  • Jason Fishman
    Mar 31, 2003
      True, yet nothing gets removed or it all goes
      together. Define a seperation and thats what one gets,
      something seperate. Ego not apart.

      Not to long ago we didn't have anything to believe,
      soon enough it will come to pass, back to nothing,
      let's just forget.

      Peace and Love

      --- wrmspirit@... wrote:
      > ..........egocentricity..............
      > it's what's for lunch
      > It would be easy to fix an ego then serve and eat
      > it up. It's not ego that
      > misinterprets. It's the set of beliefs that can get
      > in the way, if those
      > beliefs are given definition, outline and form.
      > Norma

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