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5568Re: Direct Words of Sri Ramana on Guru and Silence

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    Mar 31, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff
      Belyea" <jeff@s...> wrote:

      J: > Thank you for the post, Ganga.
      > Enjoyed reading the ever-inspiring
      > wisdom of Ramana.

      G: he has such clarity .... such a way with simplicity ... and
      direct communication.... no ambiguity ... just straight honesty....

      J:> On a recent occasion I spent several
      > hours talking with someone, and enjoyed
      > the company and the conversation.
      > As I was leaving we offered each other
      > the friendly gesture of a hug. In the
      > silence of that hug more was communicated
      > than in the preceeding hours of conversation.
      > In those few seconds, a beyond-words,
      > wonderful connection was made. The afterglow
      > continues, resonates and radiates even now.

      G: yes when the heart moves it is much more present than
      words ..... Silence remains ever present and stills all within it's
      path.... it brings it to an emptiness of content suffused with the
      ever present Source and it's purity .... no mattter what the outer
      appearances of the moment.....

      J: > And the last time you and I spent time
      > together, we said very little, yet I came
      > away feeling that we had come to know each
      > other much more fully.
      > Silence is truly golden.

      G: it appears i speak much ... over the net words appear....
      but in person the words are falling away .... more and
      more every day there is less need to speak.... spent the
      afternoon with a friend but conversation was so lacking
      whereas Silence is the Vastness filled to the brim with
      the Whole .... Source/Existance - One ...... a moving dance
      of creation - sustaining and destruction all in the ever
      present moment...... it's vastness and openness are
      filled with Bliss....

      this is transmitted within the presense of a Guru when
      that Guru is open to the stillness and does not disturb
      it by speaking and sullying it's beauty and Wholeness of
      Purity and Wonder.....

      it was within the 1/2 hour of Silence that everyone was
      moved during darshan in Newport.... it opened hearts.....
      the time speaking feeds minds....

      Silent transmission is indeed valid when one is within the
      Stilled mind of Being.....

      shanti om

      > Much love and respect,
      > Jeff
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