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5460Re: Conflict within, conflict without

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    Mar 28, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com,
      freyjartist@a... wrote:
      > some thoughts:
      > The world is apparently lived through billions
      > of personal dreams, based on beliefs, conditioning,
      > and the way reality is interpreted for these
      > body-minds.
      > Conflicts occur between body-minds like mates, parents and
      > nations, friends, neighbors or lovers when there is not mutual
      > respect for others' beliefs.
      > When one side needs their dream to be right,
      > then they must make the other wrong.
      > Meaning is assigned.
      > They don't want to be WRONG, because of same made up
      > meaning they have ascribed,  because there is a "me"
      > to defend, so they fight to be RIGHT.
      > But there aren't any winners in this fight.
      > Can i respect beliefs different from mine, even if
      > they drive me nuts.....and be free from conflict with
      > those who have them?
      > Nobody is wrong, they are only dreaming their own
      > personal dream,  which is perfectly right for them.
      > I don't have to like it or want to have lunch with them.
      > Do i accept all the different dreams and belief systems
      > that live inside of me?
      > Each has its own story, and if respected and seen
      > without judgment will end the conflict that lives inside.
      > An ending of conflicts in all body-minds leads to end
      > to all conflicts.
      > As within, so without.
      > "There is freedom within. There is freedom without.
      > Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup."
      > love to all,
      > freyja

      G: excellent post.....
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