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  • eveneon
    Jun 24, 2002
      Date: June 22
      Time: about 7:45
      Duration: I forgot to look at the clock but I think it was about 35
      Technique: Breath and body awareness
      Position: Sitting in chair with feet on the floor, eyes closed

      Moderate amount of chatter today. Started chanting OM silently
      halfway through session and found this helps greatly in improving my
      concentration. Not sure if this is because of the power of OM itself
      or because it is just another thing for my mind to do, which takes
      away from the chatter. Had back pain today but it wasn't constant. It
      definitely comes and goes, which I find interesting. I think part of
      it has to do with my posture (not meditating posture but my regular
      walking and standing posture.) But I also think that it is my body
      attempting to distract me from meditating. It usually does not
      distract me enough to make me stop. When I concentrate on the pain,
      sometimes it subsides and sometimes it gets worse. I am going to
      continue to look at this back pain thing.
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