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5457Conflict within, conflict without

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  • freyjartist@aol.com
    Mar 28, 2003
      some thoughts:

      The world is apparently lived through billions
      of personal dreams, based on beliefs, conditioning,
      and the way reality is interpreted for these

      Conflicts occur between body-minds like mates, parents and children,
      nations, friends, neighbors or lovers when there is not mutual
      respect for others' beliefs.

      When one side needs their dream to be right,
      then they must make the other wrong.
      Meaning is assigned.

      They don't want to be WRONG, because of same made up
      meaning they have ascribed,  because there is a "me"
      to defend, so they fight to be RIGHT.

      But there aren't any winners in this fight.

      Can i respect beliefs different from mine, even if
      they drive me nuts.....and be free from conflict with
      those who have them?

      Nobody is wrong, they are only dreaming their own
      personal dream,  which is perfectly right for them.

      I don't have to like it or want to have lunch with them.

      Do i accept all the different dreams and belief systems
      that live inside of me?

      Each has its own story, and if respected and seen
      without judgment will end the conflict that lives inside.

      An ending of conflicts in all body-minds leads to end
      to all conflicts.

      As within, so without.

      "There is freedom within. There is freedom without.
      Try to catch the deluge in a paper cup."

      love to all,


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