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    Mar 28, 2003
      > > Is this not the crux of the problem?
      > > ... The whole problem of "psychological suffering",
      > > and this sense of "self" - the me and the mine?

      G: the mind chatter and the mentations can and do for the most
      part hold suffering in place.... it holds the ego me idea in

      > > Apparently, one is identified with, and attached to, this
      > > It is this who I REALLY believe myself to be?
      > > The one I defend, and the one I assert - the one that suffers
      so. ... And I think it MUST continue if I am to survive!
      > > Though "conceptually" I say it must end.

      G: this is exactly it .... it is sustaining *who* you believe
      yourself to be .... this is why self enquiry is used or Neti Neti is
      done .... you look at what you are not .... if you go into it deep
      enough these bonds will break ....

      the mantra Om is also good to use along the way when
      mind chatter rises .... eventually it will still ....

      > > And it seems that ANY effort I make to be rid of it, only
      sustains it, makes it stronger, because effort itself only makes
      for more chatter - the chatter that is reacting to the existing

      G: you cannot suppress the mind ... then it once again simply
      errupts with more chatter.... it takes time and being relaxed
      enough to allow it to drop.... when the illusions are broken
      through they will not rise again... bondage will be at an end....

      > > Yet Awareness does not chatter. It is simply Aware. It makes
      no effort to be or not to be. There is no "psychological conflict" in
      > > simply being Aware, is there?

      G: no .... Awareness is as it is.... some confuse intense
      concentration and focus though with being aware.... when the
      mentation quiets and relaxed seeing happens then Awareness
      is ..... it is not an effort it is effort-less.......

      > > ... In Pure Awareness there is no "inward psychological
      > > Is there?

      G: there is no thought to looking for an entity ... there is no
      mind chatter that remains to establish and hold in place an
      entity.... in the Now of Pure Awareness there is only the
      moment - without "I" witnessing the moment in a delayed loop of
      mind ....

      > > Is it possible for one be Aware without ANY "internal
      dialogue", with
      > > no sense of "self"?

      G: yes ..... it is possible ....

      > > ... Possibly, for a moment, but can it be sustained

      G: there is nothing to sustain ... there remains a natural Being
      that does not need to sustain anything ... it simply IS....
      whatever is seen is as it IS .... no second guessing .... no
      need to put it into relationship with something else.... no mental
      ping pong games of needing to feel it out.... or sustain ... or run
      from .... it simply IS....

      > > And what is the nature of this Pure Awareness, the
      Awareness that can
      > > see and understand immediately, the Awareness that is free
      and independent of all "self-talk" - which is NOT at all the
      product of this chattering self with all of it misery,
      > > ... And I wonder how far does this Awareness it go,
      > > And what does it do?

      G: why must it do anything ? what does is the self ...
      mind does ..... Awareness is simply that Aware.... what needs
      to be known? the need to know and figure out the relative
      relationship drops for simply Being in the moment as it unfolds
      .... no second guessing ... no searching .... The nature of
      Awareness is Satvik or (neutral and in harmony) ... mind and
      self have been surrendered ...

      > > Will simply being aware of the breath still this continuous
      "internal dialogue" - its persistence, and end this sense of being
      a factual entity - "the self"?

      G: it is a start along the way.... you have to begin somewhere...

      the Om is also quite good..... but full attention must be on
      the om ... otherwise it is simply another cocophany of

      > > So I go from simply being aware of the breath, to
      "witnessing", to "self-inquiry", and back to Awareness,
      sometimes even gently
      > > touching that dimension of "Silent Awareness",
      > > ... And yet, still, the incessant chatter continues, like a leaky
      > > facet, taking me hither and thither, and I wonder will it ever

      G: perhaps you are attempting to do all these things to fast.....
      start with one ..... let it get established and then move onto the
      next...... rome wasn't built in a day ... have patience and pull it
      apart brick by brick if needed...... as in all things you plant a
      seed and it needs time to grow and produce fruit ... if plucked to
      soon you only have wasted the efforts on sourness..... let it
      ripen and when ready it will fall from the tree ... the sweetness
      will then be known .....

      shanti om ...g... wonderful questions
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