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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 1 9:15 PM
      Welcome! I think you are in the right place at
      the right time. Here's the good news - you will
      definitly be able to improve your concentration. The bad
      news is that visualization isn't for everyone, and
      perhaps for you, other methods will bring about greater
      inner peace quicker. <br>Just what happens when you try
      to visualize? What stops your concentration?
      Meditation is often a matter of removing things, rather than
      adding anything. Like the famous artist said when asked
      about how he knows how to create a beautiful sculpture
      - "just remove what doesn't belong". Do you have
      any feelings about what you need to remove? It's
      possible that you have learned much more from your
      "failures" in meditation than you think. In any event,
      please know that help is offered here with humility and
      compassion and the sincere hope you will benefit greatly.
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