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50Re: Meditation 24 x 7

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  • eveneon
    Nov 1, 2001
      Thank you for your encouraging words. I was
      feeling dissapointed in myself with my lack of meditation
      lately. Which just makes me feel worse. I will try to be
      easy on myself and accept that I am where I need to be
      right now. Even if that means that I'm not sitting in
      meditation as often as I would like. Meditation isn't the
      only area of my life where I feel I am not motivated
      enough. It's a lot of the same areas that other people
      are stuggling with too. Like eating better,
      exercising, tacking care of things that I have been putting
      off. I want to do these things but I don't do them.
      Then I feel bad for being "lazy" which just makes me
      depressed. I guess I have an old recording in my head which
      says "You aren't trying hard enough." It's difficult
      to just accept what is and to beleive that it will
      happen when I am ready. I think I've always felt that
      being hard on myself was the only way to get motivated.
      But obviously that doesn't work. And as you said,
      It's doing me more harm than good to beat myself up. I
      am going to try and be patient and to keep my
      intention clear and my focus on the present moment. Much
      easier said then done! Maybe I need to come up with an
      affirmation or mantra to say when my old recording starts in.
      Something like, "Be patient. You are where you need to be."
      Does anyone else out there have suggestions for
      replacing your negative monologs?
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