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  • Jeff Belyea
    Mar 8, 2003
      We come into a world
      where we are surrounded
      by love. The first
      images we see as babies
      are adoring, loving
      faces, showering us with
      tender love, over and
      over and over.

      As we grow, we come
      to feel love in return.
      We learn to associate
      the word "Love" with
      the best of all feelings.

      We even use the word
      love to describe all of
      our sensual pleasures,
      such as, "I love chocolate"
      and "I love to watch
      a sunrise."

      And we use the word "Love"
      to describe that which leads
      to our very conception,

      And so, we know love
      and we share the meaning
      of the word in seemingly
      endless ways. It is the
      hands-down favorite subject
      of writers and singers,
      poets and artists;
      and romantics and rascals.

      Yet, there is a love
      that goes beyond romantic
      and sensual love. This
      love includes and embraces
      the romantic and sensual
      love, but it is more than
      these. It is everything!

      This heavenly, complete love
      shakes the very foundation
      or our rational reality and
      introduces us to a depth
      of love that we had not
      known before receiving it,
      feeling it, becoming it,
      awakening to it, and
      (re-discovering it?).

      To know this love is to
      be infused us with love
      for everyone and everything,
      and to know a peace of mind
      that no circumstances of
      mortal life can disturb
      at its core. It is the
      end of our pain and
      suffering as we knew it.
      It is the infusion of a
      sure love and confidence
      that cannot be shaken.

      It is a love that sees
      with clarity, that accepts
      all things with equanimity
      and a love that allows us,
      invites us, compels us to
      "step into perfection."

      One taste of this love
      removes all fear and doubt
      about who we are and what our
      purpose in life is all about,
      assures us of a divine
      protection and gives us a sure
      experientially knowledge
      that God is Love, and
      Love is Truth, and Truth
      is Peace.

      This love brings with it a
      peace of mind that passes
      understanding (our rational
      mind cannot grasp it, it
      is beyond linear thinking,
      it is experiential and
      ineffable) and a joy beyond
      words (no words are sufficient
      to describe its delight).

      With an infusion of this
      love, we come to know that
      we are conceived in love,
      are surrounded by love,
      are part and parcel of
      God and God's Love, and
      that we are a spark of
      God's own fire. We come
      to know that we are already
      in God - that everything
      is in God and that there
      is nothing that is not God,
      and we have nothing to fear
      and everything to enjoy.

      In this lifetime, in this
      body, we are the field of
      joy and delight, and tears
      and sadness, yet all is
      well and all is perfect.
      This becomes our over-riding
      state of consciousness
      once this love is known.

      This all-embracing, freeing,
      ecstatic, beyond words love
      is that which we seek when
      we respond to an intuitive
      stirring to know more of
      life and our very existence.

      There are those who will
      say that this God of Love
      is unknowable, but that is
      not the teachings of the
      past masters or the living
      awakened teachers.

      Jesus is reported to have said,
      "I will show you plainly
      of the father...the father
      and I will make our abode
      within your heart...I will
      send the Holy Spirit who
      will teach you...the kingdom
      is within in..."

      The Awakened Teachers, the
      gurus who have been graced
      with an enlightening experience
      of this love offer to guide
      those who seek it toward its
      light. Ultimately it is an
      inner experience that no one
      can "give" you. But increasing
      your hope and faith in its
      experiential reality, the
      completely new understanding
      about life this experiential
      infusion of love brings,
      and witnessing to the awesome
      rewards of pursuing and coming
      to know this love is what
      the teachers offer.

      Meditation quiets the mind
      and opens the heart to
      receive the truth of this
      love. Many methods. Many
      masters. One truth.

      God is Love.


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