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  • satkartar7 <mi_nok@yahoo.com>
    Mar 2, 2003
      Naiive, aka Innocent, aka Fantastic,
      aka Primitive Art. My favorites are
      not online, they are the amazing
      Jugoslav simple illiterate peasants
      who paint during the winter month with
      violent vivid colors mezmerizing;
      more than an acid trip.

      And than there are the Haitian
      primitives and there is Bosh too.

      Children paint like that 'uneffected'
      too, but their proportion changes:
      eg. if they like their cat it will
      be bigger than the school teacher..


      and it is also similar of what
      Melody talked about in relation of
      an art-book she ordered about
      'viewing': a way of looking at the
      *whole* pure uneffected..no-focus


      Grandma Mozes:


      Henry Rousseau:


      Manuel Lepe:


      Haitian Primitives:



      <Bigbobgraham@a...> wrote:
      > Hi Ganga:
      > As Dan said it is called primitive in this country a lot. Although
      > some is now being called "Outsider Art" I believe. Grandma Moses
      > was one. In New Orleans it was Clementine Hunter. The work is very
      > telling about upbringing and outlook on life. It is very unaffected
      > or without affectations. Pure. And even though see is currently
      > doing something different, Karta should know it is very popular in
      > this country. A lot of collectors and galleries.
      > Love
      > Bobby G.
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