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4854Paintings - Karta

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  • tosime
    Mar 2, 2003
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      Hi Karta,

      Your paintings are really striking. I was instantly attracted to Portofino
      and imagined it on my living room wall!

      A few minutes ago my little daughter came and exclaimed "wow!". I looked
      around to see what see was looking at and discovered she was staring at your
      pictures on my PC screen. "Coool!". (She is 5). "I love it!".

      "Which one do you like best", I asked. "This one (pointing at Portofino) and
      this one (pointing at Village Scenery)".
      "Can you print them out?", she asked. "Can you make the horses walk?".

      Right then her mother came in and administered a little smack on her
      bottom - "You should be asleep, you have school tomorrow..."

      Thanks for a wonderful experience from my daughter and I.

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