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  • texasbg2000 <Bigbobgraham@aol.com>
    Mar 2, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "satkartar7
      <mi_nok@y...>" <mi_nok@y...> wrote:
      > <Bigbobgraham@a...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > K: yes, i second this Bobby, i feel
      > > privileged to be among you all i
      > > felt the psyche of the group
      > > yesterday .. it was elevating
      > >
      > > and inspiring
      > > Bobby, you inspired me to go back and
      > > play with my paints, thanks
      > > ---love,
      > > Karta
      > >
      > > Good Karta, I hope you will share your images. I love visuals.
      > > you look closely at what is honestly painted it is like reading a
      > > book on the painter.
      > >
      > > I intend to take the five minutes every morning to link up.
      > >
      > > Love
      > > Bobby G.
      > hi Bobby, i am in transit toward
      > webdesign and a digital yantra-mandala
      > paint style.
      > My "real" [not for money but they
      > are in privi now] artwork was like
      > Frida Khallo's: freaky inner
      > spiritual trips; like a skeleton
      > sitting on a globe while 4 snakes
      > blowing fire through her spinal-cord
      > and her winking head [my portrait]
      > is under her armpit winking and
      > smiling stoically.
      > i only have my early work online the
      > 'naiive' aka Primitive ones
      > <http://www.santmat-meditation.net/paintings/my-paintings.html>
      > ----love,
      > Karta

      Wow Karta. Thank you for the link. I really enjoyed your website.
      really incredible. Your work is fantastic. I feel left out that I
      have not seen these before.

      It would be nice to see something else from time to time, sketches or

      As children we are taught to read by learning letters that make up
      words. The visual elements could be taught in the same way. One
      learns to see a series of arcs, rhythms of vertical lines. Shapes
      are always indicative of the basic elements of aggression, sex,
      community, on and on forever. The textures we choose and the colors
      can communicate feelings of harmony or discord or simplicity or

      Speaking with pictures is more communicative of truth than with words

      Beautifully said. Your images really want to give hope to people.

      Bobby G.
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