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4820Re: [Meditation Society of America] Meher Baby

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  • satkartar7 <mi_nok@yahoo.com>
    Mar 2, 2003
      "tosime" <tosime@b...> wrote:
      > Bob,
      > Beautiful picture and a nice description of the pure mind.
      > Is this "pure mind" what some refer to as "born again"? What is the
      > connection between "born again" and non-duality?

      i think Tony, that a pure-mind a
      non-dual mind and a borne-again
      mind share the realization that their
      "small" ego was a limiting factor

      Ramana's or non-dual way to realize
      this is: we are all One as Awareness
      and only awareness IS, the rest is
      just a show of the small egoes

      in borne-again and in other God
      permiated systems one gives up to the
      higher-power all action: surrender
      their small ego

      it is grabed by differring sides


      >Does anyone have any
      > thoughts on the "born again" ideas.
      > ...Tony
      > From: medit8ionsociety Meher Baby
      > A new picture has been posted in our Photo section titled Meher Baby.
      > Perhaps it demonstrates the pure bliss and transcendant visions we all
      > knew before our chattering mind started labeling things as good/bad,
      > beautiful/ugly, and so on. Similarly, it could be said that this is
      > what we will regain when we Realize our primal underlying state of
      > Enlightenment. Or maybe it's just gas.

      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob
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