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4786Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: #1 Life practice -Karta 2

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  • Jason Fishman
    Mar 1, 2003
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      --- "satkartar7 <mi_nok@...>" <mi_nok@...>
      > there are plenty of activities to chose
      > from, and if you say you are a bundle
      > of activities, than the best is to
      > talk about your own: what you know
      > don't ever think that your choice of
      > activities are superior to others
      > and do not assume why others do
      > anything even if it is called 'sadna"
      > just because you were exposed to a
      > very limited view about what spirituality is
      > ----K

      This is what one knows, how could one tell you what
      you know? In your idea of assumptions... what
      assumptions are being made? No activities are any more
      or less of anything any other does, how could it be,
      it all is the same thing underneath?
      No limits to everything, yet only nothing remains.

      Peace and Love

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