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4781Re: mind trick /Grant

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  • satkartar7 <mi_nok@yahoo.com>
    Mar 1, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, bardsley@c... wrote:
      > Hi Karta,
      > I'm on the ranch list and I don't recognise myself in your description. It's clear that you don't like Judi which is fine of course; everyone has their own preferences to which they're entitled. It seems unecessary and inaccurate to characterise all the members of the ranch list as a homogenous, perhaps homophobic/misogynist mass, though. I'm not homophobic nor misogynist and have thankfully never had to solict Judi's advice to tell the difference between my arse and my mouth.
      > Grant.

      you see Grant, to singe up for a
      list doesn't mean that one learns
      the gutter language spoken there,
      neither, that one turns into a
      homophobic prejudice disliking woman

      but it influences ones thought,
      specially of the owner of the list
      simplifies thought and than in a army
      boot-camp style drills by repeating
      these simplified idiocities untill one
      belives them as truth

      Than instead of having an *awareness*
      based on ones own observations: on
      reality one begins to view everything
      mutated from the whole picture to
      the 'SIDE' of a rhetoric acepted and consciousness than becomes out of

      love, Karta

      Laszlo Acs is a Hngarian name..

      > Karta: We should not worry about belonging
      > to a small percentage of the populous;
      > there are even smaller % groups,
      > like the club of the Elite Ranch
      > members of 120, with special
      > *understanding* how to reach the
      > BOTTOM Enlightenment; who are thought
      > where their bottom is and to
      > differentiate between their mouth
      > and asses by the enlightening Light
      > of their Grand Master: the Reverend
      > Jiving First Ass.
      > To this tribe woman gays and those
      > in pink attire should not apply: they
      > are not among the chosen ones
      > ---hehehe Hoaha Karta
      > ex cult-member of
      > TheEndOfTheRopeRanch