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  • satkartar7 <mi_nok@yahoo.com>
    Mar 1, 2003
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      > Hi Jason,
      > This is quite a coincidence. After your post, the
      > very next post I received
      > was...
      > :-) Nothing is something, and Something is really
      > nothing at all. T'ai Hsu
      > the "Great Nothing."
      > It came one minute after yours.
      > Is there some spiritual significance to "nothing"?
      > ...Tony
      > Well Tony, One can say spiritual, one can say
      > emotional, one can say physical, all of which leads to
      > nothing.

      what are you saying? please name the
      activities what lead you to something
      [which is nothing of course]

      sounds like j* rhetoric, she
      brutally distorts and simplifies
      everything to make her point and
      gives the impression to the ranch
      members that they have a "special" *understanding* i hope this mutation
      in thinking can be reversed
      re-examined and to broaden ones
      view is still possible

      Jason, think on your own please

      God is in the detail. I thing
      it is admirable to learn the
      fundamentalist black & white formula
      and i enjoy the merry go around
      word-games spinning from something
      into nothing and than back again a
      game the ranch elite loves to play..

      Are you talking about YOUR experience?

      > One can apparently be following what is called a
      > spiritual path, meaning their spirit, their soul is
      > the key to unlocking some mystery. They can attempt to

      WRONG! spiritual exercize is like
      the sports it is to optimise ones body-mind-spirit organism [spirit
      like enthusiasm, will-power not your
      teachers holy ghost on the way to
      her Savior, NO NEED TO mystify all]

      > be fulfilled by fantasizing they are some mystical
      > force that is housed within a physical body to reach

      WRONG! again there are forces in the
      body like the force of an unavoidable
      bowel movement when one is full of
      shit and there is a force of a vacuum
      after all the air is emptied form
      the lungs, which force than will suck
      fresh air in

      and than there is the lifeforce energy
      of a living organism on the tracks
      of the nervous system and its plexuses
      which with training can be
      manipulated and used to refine the
      state of this living organism to an
      optimal point when it radiates
      intelligence etc

      > some enlightened phase.

      YES! which phase one gains
      *understanding*: of course i mean
      the RIGHT understanding aka
      enlightened consciousness

      This souls search always comes
      > up short handed, usually with a person looking hard

      WRONG! it comes up exactly as it does
      and as it IS

      > enough saying, what a waste, what a nothing.

      oh! the proverbial nothing which is something of course,

      i say it is a time WELL spent

      > Now most of us already have come to terms with a
      > physical search. The more money one amasses, or things
      > a person obtains leads exactly the same place with,
      > what a waste of time, what a big nothing.
      > The emotion search is somewhat more tricky.

      clean and simple again: each activity is
      boiled down to to the dirty word to:
      *SEARCH* which of course leads to
      nothing [something<->nothing] my head
      is spinning iam getting dizzy

      > living being has a set of programs. To feel something
      > based on a set of conditions. To be angry when
      > threatened (for survival) to feel loved when cared for
      > (also for survival of a group) to feel sad of the
      > loss/change of someone or something (again for a
      > survival of the group). This again leads to nothing,

      by now with your disappointments that everything leads to nothing i'm moved
      to give you something.. i just don't
      know what ...

      > following your heart may give one emotional
      > understanding, yet when ones heart is yanked from
      > their insides (as the story goes) then that again leads
      > to the big emptiness of nothing.
      > There is a 4 factor in this 3-d world, that is the
      > tool of the mind which encompasses all of the factors.
      > To be a witness to the non eternal truth of each
      > (which are really the make up of a "you"), to
      > rationalize, experience and conceptualize knowledge
      > that turns understanding, into wisdom. This is the
      > heart of the matter, yet even when stepped back in
      > witness stance, this leads to the same truth. Nothing
      > (no-existance) is everything.
      > This is the eternal truth and a very tough pill to
      > swallow. To think that everything you have ever done
      > (in memory) is for not, for a big zero, that you don't
      > really exist (only in the now), well most cannot even
      > look at that pill let alone consume it into their very
      > being. There must be more! People tell themselves, we
      > want to survive, to be eternal, yet we already are
      > eternal. Everything that is our makup is eternal, yet
      > it's not ours, it is merely on loan till the contract
      > runs out, yet like it or not, at that point you face
      > the big nothing (no-understood-exsistance), which is
      > everything!
      > Someone once told me, one should practice to die
      > everynight before going to sleep, this way one is nice
      > and ready to live the next day! One should make that a
      > practice, it does quite well and one will be all ready
      > for death of form when the contract expires.

      I like to swim and it leads to nothing
      i like to meditate searchlessly, yoga
      makes me feel good, [FEEL GOO!!!? i
      can hear the poliCe cursing UPON
      i practice yoga without wanting to
      feel good this is just as the way it is

      i like to spend some of my time on
      earth with meditation i noticed it
      sharpened my intellect: it centers
      and calms me and gives me something
      else to do than to think about
      nothing = something around and around

      ---love, Karta
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