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  • Jason <munkiman4u@yahoo.com>
    Feb 28, 2003
      This is great that your getting this out. Yet, what is the
      understanding gained? That you are just as blind? In other words
      I'm trying to figure out the exact "ah-ha" you are seeing.

      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Melody"
      <melodyande@c...> wrote:
      > >Ahhh this clears up quite a bit... Nothing like opening old
      > It clears up, for me, what has
      > driven my participation for so
      > long on these lists.....especially
      > in reference to Judi and her
      > 'supporters': underneath there
      > has been a desire...not just desire,
      > but insistence....that people see
      > that this stuff hurts, and to be
      > made to see that the
      > 'abusers' aren't what they appear to
      > be. (My brother is a department
      > chair at a major university....and
      > a church deacon.)
      > You know...the impression I got
      > from my folks was that they didn't
      > want...and refused to let....any
      > 'facts' interrupt their 'idea' of who
      > my brother was.
      > I've been seeing many of you, here,
      > in the same light - as refusing to
      > hear anything that would contradict
      > your current regard for Judi.
      > Gene had it wrong the other day when
      > he said I was playing out the mythos
      > of trying to "save Judi from herself".
      > Although I, too, believed that.
      > I see here, for the first time, that
      > my quest has been to convince you all
      > (as representing my 'parents') that
      > people aren't what they seem....that
      > real ugliness can be hidden....AND
      > to get you to admit that what she
      > does to people is 'wrong' and 'bad'.
      > For years, I had convinced myself that
      > I was doing something 'heroic' in my
      > dealings with my brother since. And
      > it was easy for me to enjoy a sense of
      > heroics in putting Judi's 'sins' on
      > a banner and waving it. But there's
      > nothing heroic about any of that. Not
      > a damned thing. I've been everybit as delusional
      > in my responses as I accused my parents of being.
      > Whoever said "the truth hurts"
      > sure got that right.
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