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4750Re: Crimes and Miss Demeaners

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  • G <crystalkundalini@hotmail.com>
    Feb 28, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Gene
      Poole <gene_poole@q...>" <gene_poole@q...> wrote:
      > Greetings, Meditators, friends, and others...
      > It is a crime to forge email headers.
      > If the offended party, or anyone who is
      > impacted by the offense will take the
      > trouble to forward the complete email
      > in question (with full headers expanded)
      > to the ISP of the actual sender, it is likely
      > that the offender will lose ISP service.
      > Using Yahoo groups is a privilege, and not
      > a right. The TOS of Yahoo explicitly states
      > several conditions, which have been liberally
      > violated on this and other lists, by several
      > users. It is by the grace of the moderator
      > that certain users have not been deprived
      > of the overall ability to use Yahoo services.
      > The owner/moderator of a yahoo group is
      > free to create and enforce rules as desired.
      > There is no stipulation that any group is or
      > should be a 'democracy'.
      > Everyone has opinions, but beware of attempting
      > to 'leverage' your opinion by attempting to
      > trap a person in 'their own values' as you see
      > those values. You are probably mistaken, and appear
      > to others as an idiot.
      > If you are looking for manifestations of
      > 'justice' in this or any other group, you will
      > be sorely disappointed. No matter how
      > blatantly you compare, accuse, and implicate,
      > you will be faced with your own frustration,
      > as a fitting reward for your efforts.
      > We cannot 'help' those who are immersed so
      > deeply in the story of their own lives, that they
      > are blinded to the larger picture. The last resort
      > of a fool, is the 'morality and justice' ticket, so
      > aptly played by fundamentalists of every stripe.
      > If you have a 'life', be grateful; if not, 'get a life'.
      > Spit out that resentment before it poisons you.
      > Observing...
      > ==Gene Poole==

      G: would be more than happy to do that if i had the mails....

      i don't want to see this happen to anyone else....
      thankyou for the information as i am not the best in
      computer know how....

      shanti om ...g...

      shanti om ...g...
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