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4738Re: [Meditation Society of America] Dr Daryl Banned

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  • goode@dpw.com
    Feb 28, 2003
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      Melody writes:

      >>I agree with your assessment of apples and oranges. In Judi's barbed remarks I actually see love, concern, tom-boy-ishness, and more than a little humor.
      >Obviously you've never been on the
      >receiving end of that 'tom-boy-ish"

      But I've been in and through many social contexts where this same kind of thing is a speech style. I liken it to the military, which is where I've seen most of it.

      >I have felt hate eminating
      >from her. Many times. And not just
      >at me. And to suggest that the words
      >she has spewed at me and others for years
      >is all a part of her "crazy wisdom"
      >and "tom-boy-ish" charm is to these
      >ears...well....kind of twisted.

      I respect your perceptions on this. Our backgrounds and wiring are different. Any two people who had the exact same wiring and experience-sets and everything would be, well, the exact same person!


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