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4735Re: Top 10 spiritual practices - Karta

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  • satkartar7 <mi_nok@yahoo.com>
    Feb 28, 2003
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      "tosime wrote:
      > Teaching for me refers to my training practice. I facilitate various
      > courses. When it comes to interpersonal skills I sometimes feel myself in
      > the audience watching my presentation - it is almost an OBE.
      > Observing my children is a great delight. It is almost like recreating my
      > childhood experiences and understanding them in a new light. My little
      > daughter is an expert in "pulling people's strings" she knows just what to
      > say or do to get exactly the response she wants - it is awesome.

      this sounds wonderful

      > The fun
      > part for me is watching my reactions being manipulated and deciding whether
      > to go with them or pass this time.
      > I am curious with the 10 you put for introspection. What is this for you?

      Thanks Tony for making it clear, i
      re did your questionnaire, since i value
      than 'teaching' high. [ i hope i won't get spanked by the police because iam *searching* or some other stupid accusations they issue for those who read, practice meditation, or yoga ]

      Introspection i started as kid my mom made me examine and think about the day before falling asleep. Now it means to do some vichara, i think what you listed as *presence* is my main focus

      1) Meditation 8
      2) Yahoo spiritual groups 3
      3) Internet sites 3
      4) Spiritual Books 5
      5) Introspection 8
      6) Presence (Now) 9
      7) Observing Nature 4
      8) Teaching 7
      9) Observing my children ?
      10) Church Service 0
      > My view of a spiritual practice is anything that raises your level of
      > consciousness. You might have a different
      > view, which I would also very
      > much like to know.

      i have the same view Tony as yourselves,
      PRACTICE IS ABOVE ALL no amount of
      reading equals to it and meditation
      leads to refinement of character and *UNDERSTANDING* aka higher consciousness

      ps: i have difficulty meditating now..
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