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4733Re: [Meditation Society of America] Dr Daryl Banned

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  • Melody
    Feb 28, 2003
      Dear Melody,
      >Apples, oranges:-)

      >Hi Bob,

      >I agree with your assessment of apples and oranges. In Judi's barbed remarks I actually see love, concern, tom-boy-ishness, and more than a little humor.

      Obviously you've never been on the
      receiving end of that 'tom-boy-ish"
      humor. I have felt hate eminating
      from her. Many times. And not just
      at me. And to suggest that the words
      she has spewed at me and others for years
      is all a part of her "crazy wisdom"
      and "tom-boy-ish" charm is to these
      ears...well....kind of twisted.

      To these ears, there is no difference
      in 'methods' between Judi's and Daryl's.
      Nothing I've heard from either of them...
      to be sure.

      None whatsoever.


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