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4715Re: [Meditation Society of America] Top 10 spiritual practices -Tony

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  • Jason Fishman
    Feb 28, 2003
      --- tosime <tosime@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > My ISP was down for a few days. That's about 400
      > mails. So I restate my
      > request that whoever starts a thread, please could
      > they send a summary at
      > the end of the thread. It would be a great help (to
      > everyone) I think!
      > Meanwhile...
      > I was curious about this:
      > Could you post your top ten spiritual practices with
      > some sort of rating -
      > something like this:
      > 1) Meditation 10
      > 2) Yahoo spiritual groups 7
      > 3) Internet sites 5
      > 4) Spiritual Books 5
      > 5) Introspection 4
      > 6) Presence (Now) 4
      > 7) Observing Nature 4
      > 8) Teaching 3
      > 9) Observing my children 3
      > 10) Church Service 2
      > My view of a spiritual practice is anything that
      > raises your level of
      > consciousness. You might have a different view,
      > which I would also very much
      > like to know.
      > Thanks in advance...Tony
      Hi Tony,

      Yes, a summary...
      Everything you have listed equals nothing to do more
      or less of.

      You can do meditation, yet you already are doing
      meditation. You can write and read yahoo groups, yet
      you already are writing and reading yahoo groups. You
      can be introspective, yet you already are
      introspecting. You can live in the now, yet you
      already are living in the now. You can observe nature,
      yet everything already is natural. You can teach,
      study, learn, Yet you already teach, study, and learn.
      Ahh my favorite, observing children, you already are
      observing children. My least favorite, attending
      church, again, you already attend church.

      This all comes down to a big nothing, a zero. No
      matter what you do, in your mind, this doing is
      something you are already doing. There is no doing,
      yet all is doing. Any words one can express, any doing
      one does can be flipped to an opposite, I'm not doing
      this or I'm not saying that. Two opposings cancel
      there for a zero, nothing. Its a circle of opposing
      factors which is the summary of all things, a zero, a
      huge never ending, never begining circle. You don't
      exist, yet you exists in the mind :)

      Peace and Love

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