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  • tosime
    Feb 27, 2003
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      My ISP was down for a few days. That's about 400 mails. So I restate my
      request that whoever starts a thread, please could they send a summary at
      the end of the thread. It would be a great help (to everyone) I think!


      I was curious about this:

      Could you post your top ten spiritual practices with some sort of rating -
      something like this:

      1) Meditation 10
      2) Yahoo spiritual groups 7
      3) Internet sites 5
      4) Spiritual Books 5
      5) Introspection 4
      6) Presence (Now) 4
      7) Observing Nature 4
      8) Teaching 3
      9) Observing my children 3
      10) Church Service 2

      My view of a spiritual practice is anything that raises your level of
      consciousness. You might have a different view, which I would also very much
      like to know.

      Thanks in advance...Tony
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