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468Re: pointed to Gowan's book online

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  • tabularosa
    Jun 9, 2002
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      Ramon, could you share the url for this memorial site, please? Also
      wondering who this Ammachi is and how your visit went?

      Tony, how is the bell utilized during your meditative process? Is it
      a tape you play and how do you hear it with ear plugs in? What does
      an open vs a timed duration consist of? And also are there any
      advantages to a sitting vs a standing position?

      I find this discussion group highly enlightening. I suppose my feeble
      attempts are that of a novice. I enjoy the sensations, feelings, and
      relaxation it provides, however, I am perplexed to be able to convey
      these thoughts and images to words on paper. Does this ability come
      more easily with experience?

      Thanks to all for the added insights,

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