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4628[Meditation Society of America] Re: a revolution of seeing....

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  • satkartar7 <mi_nok@yahoo.com>
    Feb 25, 2003
      melodyande@c... wrote:
      If I started a religion it would be the religion of Relative Everything.


      texasbg2000 wrote:

      a dog will walk past a computer and not differentiate it from the
      > background, but a person will inspect the particulars. The computer
      > nerd automatically compares the computer to others because he has an
      > overview where I, for instance, am more like the dog.
      > I would however, automatically compare the colors of the computer
      > with the other colors in my field of vision and that is what I would
      > like to see more people do. It fills your life with color but in the
      > beginning you have to work for it.

      Bobby G., i would like to read your
      other writings; where can i find them?


      > Love
      > Bobby G.
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