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  • Melody
    Feb 24, 2003
      >If I started a religion it would be the religion of Relative
      Everything. Patanjali describes the mind forming around perception
      in three phases. First there is the limitless potential world ground
      or the raw ingredients where nothing is recognized as separate; then
      there is differentiation or pulling out or recognizing an element and
      naming it; and then there is particularization or the centering on
      the named element. I would add a fourth phase to that; relating
      >elements and seeing relationships.

      This really peaks my interest, Bobby.

      So, do you see the rt brain as that
      which forms the first perception,

      the left brain as forming the second,

      and the left brain centering on
      that named element?

      And perhaps the right brain then relating
      and seeing relationships?

      By the way, which translation of Patanjali's
      Yoga-sutras have you used? I've got the
      one by Pandit Usharbudh, and it's not written
      in what I would consider 'everyday English'.
      It makes my brain hurt trying
      to understand what he's saying.


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