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455Re: Silencing The Buzz

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  • Lora_T
    Jun 9 12:47 AM
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@y..., rainbowtoh wrote:
      > Anxiety for many of us is a continual presence.
      > Like a hive of bees in the garden we may all of got
      > used to there constant buzz of worry. That much that
      > we may no longer even notice it.<br>Here is a
      > visualization exercise that I learned called, 'Silencing The
      > Buzz'.<br><br>Sit comfortable and close your eyes. Imagine that you
      > are walking down a path in a silent forest. Soon you
      > come across a clearing. Walk slowly to the centre of
      > the glade and sit down.<br><br>As if from nowhere
      > animals surround you. They mean no harm, but each
      > represents a concern. The larger the animal the greater the
      > anxiety. (for example a gazelle may represent a work
      > deadline and a lion may represent a problem within a
      > relationship).<br><br>In another part of the glade is a beehive.
      > swarm near by, making the buzz of free flowing
      > worry.<br><br>Gently touch each animal. As you do so, they quieten
      > disappear into the forest. The only sound left is the buzz
      > of the bees.<br><br>Imagine all your tiny worries
      > one by one entering the hive, until the glade is
      > silent. Your worries are still, your concerns will be
      > dealt with another day. All around is peace.

      What is said here is beautiful.....How do I get started doing what
      you just said in your post before mine? I have never meditated
      ever... i appreciate any help you can give me.... I am so glad for
      this meditation group...Thanks for starting it.. Lora T
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