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  • eveneon
    Jun 7, 2002
      Hi everyone. I haven't checked in on the message board in a few weeks
      and was excited to see how much activity has been going on. This is
      great. I think the journal entires are an excellent idea and will do
      my best to post mine as often as I can. It won't be everyday though.
      Although I have been taking Bob's meditation class for about 4 years
      now, I do not always engage in a daily formal meditation practice. I
      recently began meditating everyday again about a week ago. My
      motivation was the fact that I am going on a trip next week and I
      have to fly in a plane. I have a fear of flying and am determined to
      be calm and relaxed this flight. I plan to continue this daily
      practice after my trip. It's funny, even though I have experienced
      the benefits of daily meditation practice in the past, and I know it
      is one of the best things I can do for myself, it is very hard to get
      into a routine of doing it everyday. And time is not really an issue
      for me. I just don't do it. It took my fear of flying to light that
      motivational fire under my butt.
      Anyway, I will post when I can. My meditaions are basically
      uneventful, but I am happy to share my experiences and learn from
      others. Great idea Tony.