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434Journal entry - Ramon

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  • tosime2001
    Jun 6, 2002
      Hello Ramon,

      Thanks for such a detailed explanation of your meditation technique.
      I am overwhelmed with the detail. It will take me a while to read,
      understand and try your techniques. (I will respond to the endorphin
      release in a separate post).

      I appears to me that we all have personalized techniques that we have
      advanced to some degree. How do you suggest we approach this? Do we
      learn and try what might be useful? To what extent can we mix
      techniques? I am intrigued with your results but wonder if I can
      follow all your techniques! An immediate benefit for me is that I can
      put my techniques in perspective - this is practically impossible
      when you meditate on your own.

      One immediate idea is that we can each develop a sort of beginners
      guide to each of our techniques which a newcomer could use to try
      that particular approach.

      Whatever happens, I am sure there will be a lot of learning,
      experimentation and hopefully some fun in the process.

      Thanks again...Tony