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43Meditation 24 x 7

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Oct 31, 2001
      There is no doubt that meditating for 20 minutes
      in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening is
      extremely beneficial, but what about the other 23 hours and
      20 minutes? All meditative techniques have the
      potential of putting you in the position of being the
      Witness of your mind's thoughts, your bodily sensations,
      and your emotional feelings. Here are a few
      suggestions of what you can do to be at one with the Witness
      while not "sitting in meditation".<br><br>1. Before
      every action, there are words, and before all words,
      there are thoughts. Make it a habit to Witness your
      actions, and if you recognize that they are not of a
      peace-bringing nature, cease doing it. Similarly, if you see
      that your words are tension producing, stop them. And
      then examine your thoughts. If you Witness them being
      troubling, change them to ones that bring you serenity, or
      cease them entirely. This can be done by using a
      meditation technique that you have found brings you peace,
      or by praying, dancing, physical exercises, or
      whatever.<br><br>2. Check your body for physical tension. Make it a
      habit to stop several times a day to scan your body
      mentally for areas where you are tense. Command them to
      relax. You will quickly learn where you keep your
      tension and when you command that area to relax, your
      whole body will melt away it's uptightness like
      chocolate melting in the summers heat. Similarly, start
      taking a breath break. All you need to do is spend a
      minute or two doing a breathing exercise. It can be as
      simple as just inhaling and exhaling deeply, or it can
      be a pranayama (breathing) method that has a more
      complex pattern. This will always produce a calming
      effect. <br><br>3. Say a prayer or affirmation several
      times a day. Something simple like "Higher Power,
      guide, protect, and bless me", or "I receive and fill
      with wisdom and love with every breath", can produce
      uplifting physical, mental, and emotional
      changes.<br><br>What all these have in common is that you are paying
      attention and are acting instead of just being in a
      reactive rote mode. Most importantly, you are at one with
      your Witness, your Real Self. To phrase this in a 21
      st century, computer age way; when these peace
      producing actions becomes your default setting, more and
      more you will potentiate living happily ever after.
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