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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 5, 2002
      Dear Tony,
      Your post today was great. You're very eloquent, and I'd like to share
      it with the 15,000+ readers and members who get our newsletter, The
      Inner Traveler. I don't know if you have checked it out yet, but it is
      worth the time to download (1.61MB). The issue that comes out this
      week has the Dalai Lama as one of the authors, and I think I might be
      able to squeeze your article into the next issue which will also have
      an article by His Holiness. I'm sure you'll agree that being
      and in the same issue as him, as well as having him probably reading
      your insights would be "Way cool", as the kids say. The sample issue
      of The Inner Traveler can be downloaded at URL:

      Here is what I'd like to publish:
      Tony's intro to Med
      I started meditation after I read in a book how good it was for your
      health. My initial attempts were very crude –I hardly remember
      what I did exactly. However the benefits were immediate and exciting.
      I think I went through a sort of beginner's exuberance. Each session
      opened floodgates of subconscious activity - I had access to a lot of
      feelings,insights all kinds of unusual stuff that was just below my
      conscious mind. It was quite a revelation that there was so much
      happening there and it was stored just 'inches' below my conscious
      mind. Funny things would happen - for instance, I would find myself
      listening in on a telephone conversation between two people and I
      would wonder why? Was it my imagination? Was it real? Was there a
      message? Then instantly I would be in a completely different
      situation. It was almost dream-like. After a few months, this
      stuff' dried up as I quickly drained it and I was not adding much to
      it during the day. I read different books, searched a lot on the web
      and experimented with my practice. I developed a way of allowing
      myself to be guided as to what I should do. Essentially I would keep
      an open mind with a subtle question of what should I do next?
      Eventually I would sense what I needed to do to refine my technique.
      went through a phase of trying to perfect a meditation technique but
      quickly learnt that trying to force something was counter-productive
      the key is to be guided by a deeper intelligence which knows just
      you need to do and when. So my basic approach was to make lots of
      small changes to continually refine my technique. The benefits were
      different areas. My blood pressure dropped. I felt more calm during
      the day. I needed less sleep. My intuition improved. My spiritual
      development accelerated. But most of all, it was fun. There was a lot
      of exploration and learning. The potential is vast.
      The key lessons I have learned are:
      1) Your conscious mind represents a tiny fraction of your whole mind
      2) Your mind is continually developing - meditation helps the process
      3) Don't force anything - it is often counter productive
      One thing to bear in mind is that the outside world is essentially a
      projection of our mind. We cannot be sure how much of the "world" is
      subjective and how much is objective. So things like insights or
      revelations should not be a surprise if we see everything as
      inside our minds rather than in some external, objective reality.

      I hope this helps...Tony
      After considering letting this article being published, you can
      contact me personally at medit8@... or post here.
      In any event, there is nothing better than sharing those things
      that help people evolve in consciousness, and this article will be
      encouraging to many who I'm sure will pursue their meditation with
      renewed enthusiasm after reading it. Your postings are very good and
      beneficial, and I hope you will continue sharing in the way you do.
      Please don't let it deter you if others don't use the journal format
      to share. I know they are out there enjoying and benefiting from
      yours. They just don't feel competent/comfortable with that format.
      any event, thanks for your energy.
      Peace and blessings,
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