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412Journal Entry - tosime

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  • tosime2001
    Jun 5, 2002
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      Journal Entry - tosime
      Date: June 05
      Type: (1) Meditation on inner sounds (with earplugs)
      Type: (2) Chi Kung
      Variation: Focus on heart beat and breath
      Time: 6:55 a.m.
      Duration: (1) 69 minutes (open)
      Duration: (2) 20 minutes (timed)
      Posture: (1) Seated on chair, eyes closed, tongue to pallet
      Posture: (2) Standing (Zhan Zhuang)
      Condition: (1) Dark room. Candles. Incense. Essential Oil - Bergamot
      (in burner). Bell.
      Condition: (2) Normal room.
      Experience: Efficient Session.

      Insights: (a) When/how to end a session. Meditation duration is often
      determined by external things such as appointments or having to go to
      work. ideally the meditation itself should determine the duration of
      the meditation. So I try to have at least one session a week where
      there is no external constraint on meditation time. This is based on
      a realization that some 'events' in meditation happen after a certain
      period of time. If it happens to be 45 minutes and all my sessions
      are 15 minutes, I could go for years without experiencing
      that 'event'. Most times my sessions come to a natural end - I have
      an inner sense that it is time to arise. However there are times
      (like today) when I am not absolutely certain if it is a natural lull
      or it is time to end. What I do is simulate coming to an end in my
      mind and see if I naturally come to an end or if my meditation picks
      up again and continues. By simulating, I simply act out coming to an
      end in my mind; bringing my attention to my conscious mind, opening
      my eyes, stretching, stopping my watch etc - all the things I would
      normally do if I were to bring my session to an end (without any
      physical movement). Today, even before I finished the simulation, I
      went back into my meditation - it was a natural lull rather than a
      time to end.

      Other Insights: 1) Seeing sounds - giving a visual interpretation
      to inner sounds
      2) Confirming responses - positive body reactions
      to thoughts
      3) Monkey mind - how to acknowledge and learn
      from distracting thoughts

      Questions: Why do natural lulls happen in meditation? How can we
      interpret them? How often do they happen? What is the best response?

      PS - Could others please post their journal entries.
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