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401time to meditate

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  • Tony
    Jun 3, 2002
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      I am sorry if my reply was not clear.

      What I meant to say was, there is a benefit that is not apparent now, but will become apparent at some time, often quite suddenly. There is an internal development that takes place in the mind. Meditation helps this process along.

      I will give you an example. I developed the ability to release endorphins during meditation. I had no knowledge that I could do this, or that I was developing the ability. One day I said to myself, why do I bother with meditation when I don't appear to be getting anything from it? A few sessions later something "clicked" during a meditation and I had the most euphoric feeling I have ever had. This was like an answer to my question. From this experience I realized that there is a development process taking place - it is hard to describe because it is intuitive.

      I want to stick my neck out here. Your statement to me prompted my response to you. My response to you is what you intuitively needed. So, as I see it, you are on track. The process is working. All you need to do is just go with flow. Learning to still your mind is part of the process. You will get there. You will actually bring whatever resource you need at the time you need it. As you become more aware of this process, you will see it happening in your day to day life. As you need things they will appear. Even when things appear to be going wrong you will begin to see the positive side of it and how it will help you in the long run.

      I hope this explanation is clear?
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      what you are saying is i should find the time. that even though i
      think i am not getting anything from my meditation. iam still getting
      some thing from the relaxing. its going to be hard for me to try
      again its just like starting all over again. my mind is never still
      always going some where.

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