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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jun 3 9:52 AM
      Time: all the time
      Insight: There is no "time". There is only now. It is our mind that
      invents the illusion that things happen in sequence. This also leads
      to the delusion that we can somehow deduce that because "this"
      happened at one point of time, "that" will happen at another. And so,
      we erronously think that we "can do", when the reality is "Thy will
      be done". If we go to the movies, it seems that things just flow, but
      in reality, what we are watching is one frame, then another,and
      another, and so on. That's what life is really like. From another
      perspective, we are only seeing one small part of what's happening at
      a time. It is well illustrated in the old story about the 3 blind men
      who come upon an elephant. One grabs the ear and says "This thing is
      like a giant leaf". Another touches a leg and says "No, it is like a
      tree". The next holds the tail and says "You are both wrong. It is a
      snake" Only a man who has sight and can see the whole elephant knows
      the truth.
      Question: "Who" sees?
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