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39Q and A about the holy number 108

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Oct 26, 2001
      Question<br>What is the significance, origin and
      your statement about the number 108?<br>Answer<br>Many
      religions have designated 108 as a holy number. If you will
      count the beads on a prayer bead bracelet or necklace,
      you will usually find that there are 108. There is
      also a suggestion that you should say your mantra or
      prayer 108 times, so by fingering the beads once for
      every time you do this, you will know when you have
      completed one cycle because you will have come back to the
      large bead from which you started. It is said that the
      #1 indicates the unity of the universe, the one God.
      The 0 stands for the complete circle of life that
      encompasses everything; the nothingness from which we came
      and will return; the emptiness that can be filled
      with purity. The 8 is an infinity sign; a symbol of
      perfect balance; the path that always leads back to
      itself. There are many more symbolic variations. If
      anyone else knows of any other meanings, please share
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