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380Re: [Meditation Society of America] Digest Number 66

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  • Ramon Sender
    May 30, 2002
      frog_08244 wrote:
      i am asking how to stop my mind from wondering all the time i am
      trying to meditate

      Gazing at a candle is a traditional path, but according to many traditions
      the eyes have to be trained to fix the gaze. I'm working right now on the
      same thing, because if the eyes don't wander, neither does the mind.
      One text says to allow the eyes to tear up, then stop and palm the
      eyes and relax. Do it a little bit at a time.

      My own FAVORITE but somewhat unusual method is to place the
      tip of my tongue between my teeth and suck on it like on a pacifier.
      I immediately go into a highly-energized body state that feels so
      luscious that my thoughts can go off on their own without me.

      I've developed other more subtle versions of the same exercise
      copying babie's sleep-nursing 'clucks,' that also work very well.
      Once you've learned to 'cluck' on the back of the palette, then
      you can make it a silent exercise by silently saying the word 'NOW'
      with your mouth shut. The only thing that moves is the front of
      your throat, and this also can be eliminated.