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38Meditation or daydreaming

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Oct 23, 2001
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      Question: Greetings and blessings to you. I am
      not sure if I am meditating or day dreaming, is it
      the same? Sometimes I will sit down and my mind just
      starts to think about something or someone. I try to
      think of one thing like just listening to the words of
      a song and not the beat. I dont know if that's
      meditating. Is there a differents between meditating and
      imagining? What is day dreaming? If you are studying is it a
      form of meditation? If you have a problem studying is
      it because you cannot meditate? I just want to be
      sure I am having the right feeling or if I am just
      misinterpreting the concept of the two.<br>Answer:<br>When you
      are meditating, you are in the position of witnessing
      your mind's activity. Daydreaming is simply going
      wherever your inner Chatterer, your mind, takes you. One
      is an active process, the other reactive. When you
      study, you are giving your mind a task to do and if it
      does this, you can witness the process. Thus, it is a
      form of meditation. If you find you can't study, this
      would be an indication that you aren't concentrating
      well enough and that your mind is still able to
      distract you and not under your control. When you witness
      this, don't scold yourself - just refocus and
      concentrate as best as you can. With practice will come
      mastery. Be patient and kind to your Self. Your meditation
      abilities will get better and better with practice.
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