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379Endorphin release

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  • Tony
    May 30, 2002
      Thank you for the informative post.

      Could you go further on the endorphin release. I have experienced very
      pleasant feelings during meditation, often about 10 - 15 minutes after I
      start. I have been curious as to why I sometimes have them while at other
      times I do not. Does anyone know why our bodies release endorphins during
      meditation? Are there levels or stages of release? Can we influence the
      level and duration of release? What are the health implications? Could
      endorphins prove to be a distraction from going deeper into meditation? Will
      one get used to the release such that it will no longer have the same

      Could you point me to studies on the internet that review endorphin release.


      > Sleep is an unconscious state. Meditation is a conscious experience.
      > When we concentrate and achieve a meditative state, an EKG would show
      > brain waves between 8 and 13 MHz (Alpha). When we are in a deep
      > sleep, we are at 1 to 4 MHz (Delta). The "zone" between, 4-8 MHz
      > (Theta) is a very creative, intuitive time that we reach every time
      > we are just waking up or falling asleep. When we go deeply into a
      > meditative state, we can quickly go right past it and go directly to
      > deep sleep. With practice, it becomes easier to maintain conscious
      > connection with your inner Witness, and just watch your meditation
      > flow by. It is said that when we are in deep sleep, our Witness
      > rejoins the infinite, eternal Divine Consciousness, and when we wake
      > up, we go back through the various levels and return to our usual
      > state that registers between 14 and 25 MHz (Beta). Another factor
      > that comes into play is that there is a tremendous endorphin release
      > when we meditate, and that can be so relaxing that it is easy to feel
      > so comfortable we doze off. This too will become easier to deal with
      > as you continue your practice. I think it's great that you were able
      > to stay focused for 30 minutes. As was said in My Fair Lady, "I think
      > she's got it!"
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