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3701Nasrudin's Miracle

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Feb 9, 2003
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      Nasrudin had a small meeting place, where people gathered for evenings
      of poetry and music. The priest of a neighboring temple, upset by the
      growing popularity of the place, screamed at nasrudin:
      "You cheat! People regard you as a teacher, and spiritual guide. But
      what are your achievements?! Our founder was such a holy man, that
      once, when a huge body of water separated him from his desired
      destination, he simply put his straw mat on the waves and it caried
      him safely to the other shore. And you? What miracles can you
      "My miracles are simple," replied nasrudin. "when I am hungry, I eat.
      When I am tired, I sleep. And when I am insulted - I forgive!"
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