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37when meditating my finger tips get hot

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Oct 20, 2001
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      Question: I have tried some methods written on
      your web pages. Now, when meditating and in the
      morning after waking up my finger tips (right hand) often
      get hot. Is that good or bad symptom ?<br>Answer:
      This is a good sign. Every meditator goes through
      this. What this shows is that your mind's inner
      Chatterer is trying to distract you from your
      concentration. It knows that if you succeed in being able to
      concentrate on what you want, you will have mastered
      meditation, and thus, become the master of your own mind. It
      has been the master and you have been the slave as
      long as you have lived. It has been a cruel master and
      has caused you to suffer. Now you are about to be
      free and have true Self control. The Chatterer will
      try to distract you mentally and emotionally as well
      as physically. When you Witness yourself being
      distracted, do not scold your Self. Simply say, "Oh well,"
      and return to your meditation. Persevere. You are
      about to realize your mastery and know true freedom,
      Self control, and serenity.
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