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  • messenger93225
    May 23, 2002
      > Dear, no_reply (is that your name? )

      I realise that my response was very strong. (It must be the zen
      talking! lolol!) Having said that, I am also in practise of
      So I tend to do a tough love, to snap folks out of it.<br>
      There is a difference in results [which Kathleen was not
      getting]....between just thinking "happy thoughts" = no
      results<br>And getting to the root causes of one's errrant
      thinking to the point that one has results.
      Yes, I wholly agree the practise of replacing errant thought with
      right and good thought is very effective...and that yeilds results.
      If it seems that I went on and on about results, it's just that
      25 years is a long wait for results.

      You are a gentle One.

      > > Spiritous
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