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353What is supposed to happen?

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  • kmckenzie92765
    May 21, 2002
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      I've been meditating off and on for the
      past 25 years. For a long time, it was
      more off, but the past three years I've
      used the workbook from A Course in
      Miracles fairly consistently.

      I find I catch my negativity more quickly
      and replace negative thoughts with
      thoughts from the Course, but other than
      that, what is the benefit?

      My blood pressure is sky-high, my self-
      confidence is zilch, I feel unfocused and
      unaccomplished and not very good about

      I try to accept this as just what is, but
      I can't escape the feeling I'm missing
      something significant. Am I using a wrong
      technique? Help.

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