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345Easy Access to Higher States

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  • rabar94114
    May 15, 2002
      Hello, all. I'm a newcomer, and thought perhaps I'd ask for feedback
      regarding a few meditation exercises designed for those who might find
      the traditional approaches off-putting. Please feel free to comment.

      I would like to humbly submit an exercise for those who find it
      too difficult to use the traditional approaches. Let's call it:
      Meditation for Cluckheads
      It should raise bliss levels quickly and easily after just one lesson.
      As I read somewhere recently, we should remember that:
      Bliss is not the opposite of suffering
      Suffering is illusion
      Attachment is illusion
      Bliss IS

      Once learned, you can use it to de-stress and generate a joyful
      happy body state, even if you only have ten seconds to spare here
      and there. It is, however, powerful enough that I definitely do NOT
      recommend doing it while driving a car or any vehicle, or doing
      anything that requires special attention to your safety
      Here goes:

      Make the sound 'cluck-cluck-cluck' i.e. 'cluck' your tongue,
      This sound is performed by placing the tongue against the
      roof of your mouth, creating a vacuum and then releasing
      it. Any child can demonstrate this for you.

      Now close your mouth and 'cluck' the same way as before
      when your mouth was open. Make a good loud inside-
      the-mouth 'cluck.' If you've ever observed a sleeping baby,
      they sometimes make this 'nursing sound' in their sleep.
      That's the sound we're trying to duplicate.

      Cluck for, let's say one hundred times good and loud,
      mouth closed. You can do other things while you do it, if you wish.
      Or you can just pay attention to the peristalsis-like waves
      (digestive tract massage) that these clucking tongue movements
      seem to create.It's like an inside-out massage, and should
      increase your bliss tolerance considerably. If not, set
      yourself a reminder to do it first thing upon awakening. It
      should then drift you back into a near-sleep state.

      Once you've achieved. a blissful relaxed state, try to refine the
      tongue movement so that it's silent. For me, transferring it to
      a 'yo-yo-yo' ('I' in Spanish) works very well. If you can place
      this sound on your heartbeat, even better.
      Once it's silent, you can do it anywhere without raising concerns or
      suspicions in listeners that you just MIGHT be a CLUCKHEAD on
      the loose!

      And once you've TRULY got it, use these bliss waves to surf out
      of your mind onto 'the other shore' of Abiding in Presence.
      For more about the State of Presence, please refer to

      There are more add-ons, but for those, you should inquire of the
      author directly so as not to clutter this website. Also, if for some
      reason this exercise does NOT work for you, your nadis (subtle
      nerve channels) may need further bubbling out. A method that works
      for me: lightly place thumb and index fingertips
      into the nostrils and hum around them on the exhale. Send
      some good shivers along the ida and pingala major subtle
      nerve channels!
      Thank you,