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332Re: Depression

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  • medit8ionsociety
    May 8, 2002
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      > Question from an email:
      > I was wondering if you could recommend any techniques for
      > I DO hope that you'll reply because nobody has responded to my
      > question on other sites
      > Hope you'll reply

      I did reply privately (in part) this way, and thought I should share
      this point:
      "As a health care professional (Psych RN), I urge you to seek your
      doctors help. So often, medication is the real need and meditation a
      very good addition."
      It is attributed to Mahatma Gandi that he was once berated by someone
      for teaching people how to sew and thereby make anough money to live
      on, and for not teaching them to meditate. Ghandi answered "You can't
      meditate when you're body is hungry. You will not be able to
      concentrate. So first, you must be able to earn money so you can eat
      enough to satisfy the hunger". Similarly, if your bodily chemistry is
      out of whack, as it often is in depression, you won't be able to
      concentrate. There is nothing wrong with taking medicine. Sometimes it
      is the best way to satisfy mental and emotional hunger. And then,
      concentration is possible, and any technique will "work"
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