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323Meditation, Metabolism and Other Questions

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  • pontifexxxmaximus
    May 2, 2002
      To what extent does meditation affect metabolism? I read somewhere
      that it slows it down, so one should meditate before meals in the
      morning and evening/afternoon. Does a shorter meditation affect
      metabolism less? Is a shorter meditation less effective, ie 3 reps of
      the 3rd eye meditation?

      I've been having some problems concentrating on the point in the
      middle of my eyebrows, mainly because I'm terribly tired and because
      contacts make the eye fluttering even more chronic. Are there any
      methods directed to improving concentration? Would it be good to have
      a pre-meditation "ritual", or warm-up of some sort? Would calming
      music in the background interfere with concentration?

      I'm have to admit, I feel quite bad for asking so many questions.
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