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3211Re: Daily Practice (who i am)

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  • freyjartist@aol.com
    Feb 3, 2003
      ****** Personal attachment and involvement are a problem for you, not
      for me.>>

      Ah but, listen closely. The personal attachment and involvement that
      you perceive in me (however you are doing that) IS actually perceived
      by you as a problem....and thus, it is the same thing.
      The fully realized would not perceive it as a "problem".
      There is a snafu.

      <<That's the difference. None of that bothers me in the least.
      That's because you're still in the business of trying to avoid pain,
      I am not. Tears come and go. It's the "richness" of being human.
      The realzier is the "lamb of god" in other words. He is not in the
      business of avoiding.


      You are not totally on target with this call. I let my pain in,
      as well as my joy. The nice thing for me is that you, Judi, cannot
      rock the apperception that i have had thus far, and can only
      add to my refinement and strengthen this understanding by testing me. We
      are all lambs of God.

      I also feel that teaching what you are teaching is not an easy
      business, and could stand to take to heart some of what Jeff
      wrote in post #3193.


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