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3201re: A simple question.

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  • freyjartist@aol.com
    Feb 3, 2003
      <<Yes. And it is that rare, rare
      exception (such as Jan B) who
      is the first to tell us that
      "apperception" or "enlightenment"
      is only the first step. Jan B effectively reminds us that "apperception" is
      the first step. He reminds us that
      there is a process of deconditioning...
      kundalini style.....that remains

      until there are no more 'flip flops'
      from the 'old' perspective back to
      the 'new' one.


      hmm..Melody, you must be reading my mind :-)
      i was just thinking about Jan's perspective on this extremely recently
      in relation to "all of this" that we are addressing
      re: "The Realizers".


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