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32Re: Need help restarting

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Oct 14, 2001
      Dear Astro,<br>First, please be gentle with your
      Self. No chastising, scolding, disgust, or anything
      negative. Have compassion for your Self and everyone
      everywhere. Secondly, as a health care worker, I have to
      suggest seeing a Physician. You have the signs and
      symptoms of depression, and this can be helped.
      Meditatively, I feel that Jnana Yoga may be appropriate for
      you. Here is your post excerpted:<br>"I've tried �I'm
      chanting� I'm okay�I stop� I can't�I also feel� I can't
      �I'm�I feel�I think�I'm�I've�I�I'm�I don't really
      know.It's confusing."<br>Jnana Yoga asks us to understand
      "Who am I?". We are directed to Witness our mind,
      body, and emotions, and silently, non-commentingly
      perceive their changes. We ultimately find that there is
      no continuing "I" that is truly our Real Self, and
      we become rid of the illusion that we are some
      continuing individual person. The reality of our real nature
      as a continuing consciousness, the Witness, becomes
      our moment to moment experience, we unite with all
      consciousness and truly live happily ever after.<br>I hope this
      helps.<br>Peace and blessings,<br>Bob
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