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  • medit8ionsociety
    Apr 28, 2002
      Question received from another student via Email - Can anyone help
      with an answer?

      I am doing a school project on Meditation. I was wondering if I would
      be able to ask you a few questions. I was curious to know as to where
      a person can meditate on their own time? Can they just meditate at
      home or should one go to a place that specializes in it per say. Also
      is there any specific time of day that one should meditate, or just in
      any spare time they have? In addition to this I was also interested
      to know why would one want to meditate? Is it strictly more for
      relaxation or does it help with other parts of the body as well. What
      are some good meditation methods? I was wondering if you would be
      willing to recommend some to me?

      Thank you for your time and effort!! I appreciate it very much!!
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