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3131Re: A simple question.

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  • Jeff Belyea <jeff@suiteonedesign.com>
    Feb 2, 2003
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, freyjartist@a...
      > <<Well, a tuning fork struck causes the
      > vibration of middle C. So the attunement
      > is to the One Note - the One Truth that
      > discrimates itself from all other tone.>>
      > Yes, and Middle C has no sharps or flats.
      > btw Jeff, if i ever catch you using a smiley in any of your posts,
      > i want a free eggroll.
      > That's like at some of these food stands, they have this
      > sign that says: "your next meal is on us if we dont give you
      > a receipt"
      > If you mentally project a thoughtform that forces the salesperson
      > to forget to give you the receipt, you WILL go to hell.
      > will you forgive me if this is not serious enough? :-)
      > freyja

      Hi freyja -

      There's a smiley face on
      my smiley face with every
      post I post. I just don't
      don't like typing those
      sideways smiles. But I have
      one that is more like a
      smile and a raspberrry -
      a tongue sticking out.

      ü - as in gurü.

      All in love,
      all in fun,
      all is well,

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